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The Counsels focus on spiritual maturity through life complexities. This discipline details biblical principles to align specific thought processes, characters, and behaviors to the Word of God. Meticulously built, each Counsel includes an immersive lab to facilitate the construction and reconstruction of belief systems that are core to human functionality.

The Constructs help stimulate and facilitate a working relationship with God. This discipline concentrates on building consecration to walk with God. Personal and pivotal, each Construct includes a functional lab that serves as an initial ground for growth.  

The Libraries includes different Collectives that provide insight on kingdom precepts and mandates to help establish a foundation to perceive the things of God. Unique in their own purpose, the compositions housed within each collective reveals truths to biblical based understanding and comprehension to shift perspectives and practices.

The scholarship of the disciplines and libraries within the institute place individuals on a journey of mastery and discovery.

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